Video | Using the Hey Girl Planner Kit with Julie Kinneeveauk

I don't know about you, but May ranks up there with December as one of the craziest, busiest months of our year. In order to get some mental peace heading into the new month, I knew I wanted to have it planned out ahead of time and using MINIMAL decoration and MAXIMUM function. I opted to use my personal-sized planner with my daily sheets so I could break each day into great detail.

Looking at my monthly calendar, you wouldn't see all the activities, because I chose to write down only the BIG DEALS. I needed to see where these events fell in the month so I could start planning backwards in order to make sure I'm prepared for some big events. If I included little details here, I'd be even more overwhelmed by the month ahead (confessions of a planner girl), so I'll save the details for my daily pages and tackle them one day at a time. :) 

Take a look at the video below to see a closer look at my planner.

Tips & Tricks:  

  • Do you trim down to A5 or personal size frequently? Make marks on your trimmer to guide your cuts. This makes it so quick!  
  • Get creative with your monthly kit info card. This month, I created a flag for my monthly page by trimming down the "May 2018."  
  • Use the puffy sticker tabs to create your own page markers to help you locate important dates or spots in your planner. 

So while I could use a busy month as an excuse to not decorate at all, I found that by taking a little time to prepare (and exercise my creativity), I feel better about the days ahead! It doesn't have to be elaborate (and when you're overwhelmed, you really should avoid making it harder than it has to be), but a few simple creative touches in your planner can make you excited to return to it each day and eager to execute the plans you've made! :)

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