a week of photo prompts

Hello Everyone! It’s Leena here today to share some photo prompts that’ll help you capture those wonderful adventures when you’re traveling to another country or even within your own country. I’m sure you’ll want to bring back those great memories with you, document them and reminisce the places you’ve travelled to in years to come.  

Here are some of my Instagram photo prompts from my previous trips that may help you make your trip an enjoyable one!

#1 The unexpected – Sometimes you’re caught with the unexpected event but you’re glad you braved through it with a big smile. I don’t take propeller plane very often (only my 3rd time) when I travel, so this photo will be a good memory. J 


#2 Look out the window – Whether you’re traveling by car, train, bus or plane, you’ll be amazed with the view outside the window.


#3 Be an early riser – You need to wake up early (I mean really really early like 3am!) to experience breath-taking view of the city or historical site. Be early to take beautiful photos when the sun rises or sets.


#4 Make the trip – Be sure to visit and photograph the country’s famous landmarks and historical sites. There’s always an amazing story behind each of this place. I’ve dreamed of visiting this 9th century temple, Borobudur and I was glad I made the trip!


#5 Roam the street – Venture into the city/town and take photos of what you see on the street. I love to capture what the locals do for a living.


#6 Local delight – Eat what the locals eat. Be adventurous and try the local cuisines. They might look weird at times but they can be absolutely delicious! Make sure you take lots of photos of what you tried and recommend them to your family and friends!


#7 Favorite moment - Photograph those moments you enjoyed most during your travel. Here I was basking in the sun, soaking in all the goodness of my stay in one of my favorite resorts where I stayed.


Do play along with these photo prompts, we'd love to see your images! Share them in the gallery, link them in your comments or tag us in Instagram! -Leena Loh

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