Workspace Wednesday | Paige Evans

It's easy to get caught up in wanting your workspace to be just so, but Paige Evans, our July guest,  proves that you can make gorgeous projects no matter where you are!

We are currently in the middle of a move with the Army from the US to Germany. I boxed up 99% of my scrapbooking supplies at the end of May and will hopefully be blissfully reunited with them at the end of this month. In-between then and now, I've adhered to Tim Gunn's advice to "Make It Work!" I packed a small suitcase to the brim with all of my favorite supplies and have been using only what I have since then. It's actually kind of liberating to only have a few things to use! Currently we're in a little 1-bedroom hotel until we can find a place to live, so I don't have anything fancy to store my supplies. In fact, I've resorted to using empty Huggies diapers boxes to house some ziplock baggies of embellishments! I did end up buying a plastic tub at the store for all of my papers so the kiddos can't rummage through everything :) This is all living proof that you can take your hobbies with you wherever you go!

Thanks for letting us peek into your workspace, Paige!

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  1. jewlz says…

    Love this & happy moving!

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  2. 1Djc says…

    What a great workspace wednesday post! So glad she gets to have her things with her as she moves. Sweet!

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  3. jennlmcclure says…

    I know I am like way late on this, but I am actually moving to Germany from the US with the Army this Sunday. I packed my craft stuff into a duffel bag (not an army one which is what people think of when I say that) until all my stuff gets there!

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