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I love taking photos with prompts in mind. It's so easy to get into a rut with your photography. I hope that these prompts will inspire you to photograph something new and different that you may not have thought to photograph before.

cherished | Photograph something that is loved and cherished in your home. This could be your Grandmother's handmade quilt or your child's favorite lovey. Right now, Sawyer is obsessed with Barney. He carries this stuffed Barney around the house often and I love that I was able to capture that with my camera.

work | Document the work that goes into keeping your home nice or document your 9-5 job with your camera. This is a photo of our son Brady's hands after helping us dig up some plants in the front yard.

jump | Whether it's jumping on the bed, on a trampoline, or just a random fun jumping photo, it's always a sure fire way to elicit a smile from someone. I love this photo of my two monkeys jumping on the couch!

laugh | I love little belly laughs. Capture someone laughing and it'll bring a smile to your face for years to come.

toy stories | My boys are always leaving their toys around in funny places and sometimes doing funny things. This last week, Sawyer has been adamant about putting his "guys" to bed before his nap every day. I'll always remember how he put the "covers" over them and said to me, "Shhhh, nigh nigh!"

something new | Photograph something new to you or to someone you love. Jackson recently discovered he could "dunk" on our basketball hoop, thanks to a recent growth spurt.

in motion | Capture a moving target with your camera, like I did here with this photo of my best friend's son on the swings.

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  1. 1Djc says…

    Love these photo prompts!

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  2. SteffiandAnni says…

    Love all!! So sweet and funny :-)

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  3. PamBaldwin says…

    These photos are pretty fantastic :)

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  4. cecily_moore says…

    These are GREAT! Can't wait to put these prompts to work, so inspiring!

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  5. natalieelph says…

    Great prompts!

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    1. MaryAnnM says…

      Scrap on baersgarten!! Cant wait to see it:o)