10 Ideas for Summer Photos

When summer rolls around, everything slows down just a little and we find ourselves reaching for our cameras to help document these hot, but wonderful days. Today, Creative Team members Celine Navarro, Allison Waken, Kelly Noel, Lisa Truesdell and Stephanie Bryan have pulled together 10 photo prompts to help you capture those memories and document your summer. We hope that these prompts will inspire you to photograph something new and different that you may not have thought to photograph before.

Prompt #1 | YOUR TOWN IN THE SUMMER - your town has that special flair in the summer? Capture it! Walk around the streets, grand your camera and snap some cool shots of your favorite places!

Prompt #2 | BY THE BEACH - whether you live by the beach or go on vacation near it, capture those moments where laziness is your best friend, where the palm trees are the only things you can see from your spot on the sand, and enjoy a margarita!

Prompt #3 | SNACKS - Summer is the perfect time for cold treats of all kinds. Take a photo of someone eating a special summer treat or just a close up of your favorite!

Prompt #4 | ACCESSORIES - For me, Summer means hats and sunglasses, but the kids seem to think summer accessories include buckets and shovels. Take a fun photo featuring your (or their) favorite accessories to survive the summer.

Prompt #5 | DOWN LOW - Summer is all about grass, sand, camping and soaking in the outdoors while the weather is great. Get down low and capture that feeling through a different angle!

Prompt #6 | SUMMER SPORTS - Warm weather brings lots of sporting events. Document some "in action" moments this summer!

Prompt #7 | BLUE SKIES - There's nothing like a beautiful blue clear summer day. Capture those blue skies by shooting up at your subject, like I did here in the pool.

Prompt #8 | LOCAL SIGNS OF SUMMER - When I think of summer, I can't help but picture sitting on the porch at dusk with fireflies flickering in the yard - and kids scampering after them trying to catch them! When I posted this shot on Instagram several people commented that they missed seeing fireflies, or that they'd never seen one up close. I can't imagine summer WITHOUT fireflies, and it got me thinking - what says "Summer's here!" in your area of the world?

Prompt #9 | CAPTURING DOCUMENTATION - Summer is full of new adventures. Vacations, camps, local events and even just daily life - with so much going on, it's likely that you're not the only one trying to capture it! Catch someone you love snapping a photo, writing in a journal or even drawing a picture of their favorite summer activity. I took this shot on a chilly June morning while we were on vacation in Oregon. The scenery was gorgeous and I loved seeing my boys intent on getting their own photos.

Prompt #10 | REFLECTION - Those beautiful summer days make for great reflection photos. Here, I caught a glimpse of myself in my sunglasses sitting on a table and just had to steal a quick photo. I love that this shot captures not only me, but the beautiful blue sky and gorgeous summer day!

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  1. virginiegoujon says…

    Thanks for sharing. Really really really love your sunglasses on the table photo @stephaniebryan. Have a great day.

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  2. picki56 says…

    I love the clothes lines! That is such a cool shot!

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  3. Janice15 says…

    Love these! Thanks

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  4. sassiescrapper says…

    Great shots! My favorite is the clothesline. I'm going to look for cool local shots. Thanks for these prompts - some really great ideas!

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  5. gabber says…

    Awesome photos & ideas!! Thanks for the inspo!

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