Tutorial: Using your Lollipop Guild Documenter Kit to Create Notepads with Maggie Massey

Hey everyone! Maggie here with a fun way to use up the extra supplies you may have in your Documenter Kits! Even though Christmas is over, there's no reason why you can't still give little gifts to your family and friends...especially to your crafty friends!

Today I'm going to show you how to create little Documenter card notepads - they're perfect for keeping around to jot down notes on, or to give to friends in little embellishment pockets!

Here's all you will need to get started:

Your spare 3x3 or 3x4 Documenter cards, random embellishments (stickers, sequins, tags, enamel dots, etc.), a paint brush, bulldog clips and padding compound.*

*Padding compound can be purchased fairly inexpensively online. 1 small bottle will last you FOREVER. White glue or Mod Podge or Magic Medium can be used in place of Padding Compound, but Padding Compound really does work the best.

To create your little notepads, gather a small stack of cards. I find that stacks of about 10 (or fewer) cards work best. Keep your cards together by attaching your bulldog clips to either side of the stack, near the top. With your paint brush, apply a thick coat of Padding Compound along the top edge of your stack. Don't worry if the compound overlaps the front or back of your cards - once dry, the compound peels off fairly easily.

Let the Padding Compound dry and apply another coat. Let dry.

NOTE: If you see that the top edge of your stack is separating as you apply the compound, simply attach another bulldog clip to the top of the cards while the compound dries.

Once your cards have dried you'll have a great little notepad - ready to use or to give as a gift!

Throw a few bit and pieces into a little glassine or plastic bag (the ones SC packs their kit embellishments in are perfect for this!) and package together with your notepad.

These little mini kits are just the perfect size to fit into your planner for creating on-the-go. Leave a few around the house or in your bag to have when you need to write something down or keep a few handy to send along to friends!

Supplies: Studio Calico Lollipop Guild Kits - Documenter, Tin Man Embellishment Kit, Padding Compound, bulldog clips, inexpensive paint brush

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  1. Kristi_ says…

    This is a great idea! These would make great birthday gifts. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. CeliseMcL says…

    Thanks Maggie, I added the padding compound to my wish list. I love little notebooks and I have too many journal cards without a home.

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  3. clippergirl says…

    Fantastic idea and tutorial! Thanks :)

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  4. sandi says…


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