Tutorial: Using the Jolly Holiday Planner Kit with Candi Billman

Hello, my fellow planner addicts! I am back and excited to show you how I am incorporating the Jolly Holiday Planner Kit in my Hello Forever Planner! That dashboard is my favorite item from the whole kit!!! 

Each Hello Forever Planner comes with a perpetual calendar, so I thought I would deck it out with some goodies from this month's kit: triangle paper clip, heart puffy sticker and a die cut label! The whole calendar slips right into the front tall pocket, and is a perfect addition to my weekly planning!

When it's time to plan out my week, I remove that week's inserts and place those on my desk. I like to have a flat surface in case I am doing any stamping...plus writing, too! It just makes it easier!

Since June 1st landed on a Wednesday, I covered up some of that blank space with a 4x6 grid card and stamped out "Hello June!" I also added a fave instax by stapling it right onto the insert! For the dates, I just used a black marker...

Here is a shot of how my upcoming week is looking. I wrote down what will be happening, and I am sure I will be jotting down more things to do! Happens every time :) Those puffy icon stickers are super fun for planning out different tasks!

Dashboards are my all time favorite thing to use in my planners. I love how they look and how you can see what is going on behind them, and this one is just way too cute with those colorful rain drops!

Yes to Planner Pockets!!! They're another spot to store some of my go-to planner stickers! In front of the Hello Forever Planner, there is a section that has perforated "Photo-A-Day" lists that you can simply tear out! I slipped one inside this pocket for June. 

There it is...a snap shot of my week! Not too busy, and there is still room to jot down some more tasks, notes and even some memories that will take place that week!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend ahead!

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    Thanks for sharing Candi!

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    @cmsplitt Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

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