Video | Using Sabrina for Valentines with Lisa Spangler

Hi, there! Are you ready for Valentine's Day? I sure am! I just sat down with the sticker sheet from the Sabrina add-on kit and had a blast making six cards! Yep, you read that right - SIX! I'll be sharing my process as well as a technique for making fast and fun backgrounds here! Join me for more in the video:

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you work:  

  • Work on heavyweight watercolor paper.
  • Choose gelatos and Neocolor crayons that coordinate with the stickers you're working with. If you don't have these crayons, just use watercolors instead!
  • Scribble your crayons onto your background - try not to overthink it! Sometimes I'll play music while I'm doing this so that I just go with the beat and have fun. 
  • Dab some water from your brush onto a paper towel or rag so that your brush is still pretty wet, but not dripping. This will help keep your paper from warping or buckling. 
  • Start blending your colors one at a time from dark to light.
  • There are so many stickers, you'll be able to decorate the insides of the cards and the envelopes, too! 

And here are some closeup photos of a couple of my finished cards!

Thanks so much for joining me, and happy Valentine's Day! 



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  1. honeykd (Gold Rewards Subscriber) honeykd says…

    These are so fabulous! That cactus is my favorite, too. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  2. photochic17 photochic17 says…

    Absolutely love them!!

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  3. Leanne1965 (Gold Rewards Subscriber) Leanne1965 says…

    These are gorgeous!

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  4. evy67 evy67 says…

    Lisa, these are great, I love how you used most of the stickers!

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  5. gabber (Gold Rewards Subscriber) gabber says…

    awesome cards! i love your handmade backgrounds i'll be making some this weekend- thanks for the inspo & great video!!

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