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Journaling is a great way to capture the details that make up your everyday life. Whether you're telling in-depth stories or simply captioning a photo, your words are important to preserving your memories for years to come. The following journaling prompts are perfect for pairing with this month's City Sidewalks Kit, or just tuck them into your back pocket for a time when your creative mojo is low. Either way, we hope they’ll help inspire your next project!

Tie in a quote. 

On her spread, WonderLisa used the quote in her notebook to spark her story: "It is happiness to wonder, it is happiness to dream." –Edgar Allan Poe. This simple and sweet quote inspired her to tell the story of her daughter finding wonder in the rain and a reminder for herself to slow down and let her children revel in the simple things. 

Simple Pleasures

France recorded a gorgeous recent sunset on her spread, Simply Amazing. Even though the days are shorter, she's still finding joy in this simple pleasure—and we love that she recorded the details in her notebook. 

Lisa told the story of coming home at 2 am from a long trip to find her Christmas tree up—something her husband did for her as a "welcome home"—on her spread Sparkle. What a sweet moment captured! 

On her layout, AMMarcy recorded the simple pleasure of a calm and quiet morning and a clean kitchen. Documenting these small, sweet moments is a great way to practice gratitude and appreciation. 

France wrote about her first peppermint mocha of the season and her current favorite candle on her spread, Good Stuff. These are fun details to compare season to season! 


Haley jotted down some of her favorite songs on her recent spread, Currently Playlist. This is a great prompt to repeat yearly, quarterly, or even monthly! 

Goals & Dreams

Kelly told the story of her recently healthy eating journey on her spread, Dream Work Plan. The new Dream Work Plan stamp set was the perfect prompt for her journaling! 

On her spread, Start Before You're ReadyLisa journaled about her goal to push herself to try new things. This spread is sure to be a great motivation for her in the future! 

There are so many stories you can tell with the City Sidewalks Kits and December add-ons. Which journaling prompt do you plan on trying out this month? Post your creations in the gallery and add a link in the comments. We can't wait to see what you'll make!

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