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Sometimes when I am lacking inspiration I can find my mojo in unusual places. Occasionally it is magazines etc - but I also like perusing the card designers here at Studio Calico. The detail and also the simplicity of a card can jog my inspiration. Take this lovely card from Joy Taylor (also a fellow Aussie!) from her May card kit gallery:


I was instantly drawn to the sweet layered love heart combined with the more masculine map paper. So I began from there.

I started by layering a star and adding a button to the centre in a similar way to Joy's heart.
Rylan SC sneakI also added the map paper just like Joy in a layer along the bottom and the layout continued to flow from there. A layout is on a much larger scale to that of a card - so obviously I have added a lot more detail including stamping and extra stars and patterned paper. So although the finished layout doesn't really resemble Joy's original card - it was the initial inspiration that got my creativity flowing: 

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