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We're excited to be able to feature so many different artists in our kits each month. December's Park Ave. and January's Far Far Away kits bring you products designed by Leslie Shewing of A Creative Mint. Leslie is a designer, stylist, painter, photographer, and author, with a long history in the design field working with various large retail chains. She creates visually stunning work with bright pops of color, making for truly lovely art and photos. Find her online at http://acreativemint.typepad.com/.

How long have you been working with Studio Calico?

I have been working with Studio Calico for almost a year. I have really enjoyed it as I LOVE paper!

Can you tell us about your creative process? What mediums do you work with, what inspires you?

My creative process is pretty varied. I work in a few different mediums to always keep things interesting. I love to paint with watercolors, I enjoy collage and journaling as well as photography and styling. Of course gardens inspire me as well as travel.

Would you mind giving us a peek into your creative space?

No problem. Right now I am working out of a space in the downtown area of Victoria, BC. I like the space because it is bright and open and easy to take photographs in. I keep all my supplies in large cupboards and drawers for easy access. I am about to start work on another book so this space will be very busy over the next few months!

We’d love to see more of your art! Could you share a couple of your favorite projects?

My favorite projects recently have been my book I co-wrote with Holly Becker, Decorate with Flowers, and my fabric collection for Cloud Nine, called Palos Verdes.

Where can we find more of your work?

My book is available on Amazon and the fabrics are online. I share what I am up to pretty regularly on Instagram.

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  1. toribissell says…

    Seriously such an amazing artist and a true inspiration!

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  2. sideoats says…

    So happy that Leslie is the featured artist this month -- she is one of my heroes -- just love everything she does so much. Her color combos make my heart sing!

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  3. lory says…

    wow she is such an inspiration! Love the colors she uses!

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  4. AnitaBownds says…


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  5. threekidneys says…

    The designs and colors in the December Project Life kit were some of my favorite. This surprised me as they were not traditional Christmasy colors but I loved them anyway. I've bought at least 2 of the PL kits cause I just can't get enough of those purples and pinks!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself. I can't wait to look at your blog and your other creative work...

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