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August's featured teachers

Documenter Kit Workshop - Jen Carlson

Jen is a Facilities & Engineering supervisor at a biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant. She lives in Northern California, halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. She's been scrapbooking since 2000 when she went on a European vacation with her family. In addition to memory keeping, she loves photography, running, yoga, and baking sweets.

Favorite things about the month's kit:

The things I love best about the "Golden Hour" Documenter Kit are the gold heart swivel cards, the stamp set, and chipboard embellishments. The gold heart cards are cool little peek-a-boo interactive elements for a unique page and the stamp set has a lot of options that can be adapted to most any spread!

What she'll be teaching:   

In this workshop, I'll be presenting several ways to get the most out of your kit and create unique personalized layouts. In our first lesson, I'll be showing you how to create a hidden message and pair color with your photos. In lesson two, I'll walk you through incorporating mini photos and mixing up your journaling format. Lastly, in our final lesson, I'll share ways to pair digital elements with physical ones and creative ideas for using the printables.


Here are a few things to remember as we go through each of the lessons: 

  • I use a 6" x 8" pocket page format, but you can still incorporate my techniques and ideas no matter what size you use! 
  • Don’t be intimidated by digitals and definitely don’t think they’re not for you because you don’t own Photoshop. You can always edit using the Project Life® app! 
  • It doesn’t matter whether you write your journaling out by hand, type it on a typewriter, or print it out on your computer, the important part is getting your story down. 
  • Remember, you are creating for YOUR album. You have to love what you make and enjoy the process!

Jen will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Jen WongKelly Noel, and Diana Sanchez. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Jen will be using in this month's workshop:

Traveler's Notebook Kit Workshop - Nathalie DeSousa

Nathalie is from Toronto, Canada and blessed to be a wife and stay-at-home mom of two teenagers and their Boston Terrier baby. She is a self-proclaimed “paper addict” who has been enamored with journaling and photography since she was a little girl in her native Ecuador. Nathalie discovered scrapbooking when searching for creative ways to document her family’s daily adventures. A few years ago, she encountered Traveler’s Notebooks and fell in love with putting her daily journaling and photography together in a portable page. Nowadays, you can find her at the dining room table—with a large coffee mug in hand—working on her scrapbook pages and her visual journals. In her own words, “she is living an inspired life.”

Favorite things about the month's kit:

What's not to love about this kit! From the cover of the notebook to the washi tape, the "Golden Hour" TN Kit is beautiful. The soft muted tones in the color palette of this kit are perfect to document all your memories. I love stamps, and the one included in the kit is perfect for titles and to create your own embellishments for your pages. My analytical eye always looks for shapes, and the kit is filled with repeating images that can easily be combined in one page.

What she'll be teaching:   

In the first lesson, we'll be using one of the repeating shapes in the kit to create a simple but truly eye-catching spread. The second lesson will focus on working with multiple pictures—with bold, colorful backgrounds—into a spread by adding some negative space between them. The last lesson will show you how you can document your everyday pictures with lots of color and some dimension using the digital file included in this workshop.


My goal for this workshop is to show how versatile Traveler’s Notebooks can be, especially when working with a kit such as "Golden Hour." I hope subscribers can see how you can document beautiful pages in a short amount of time by combining shapes, color, and stories.

Nathalie will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Sarah ZayasMelissa Morrelli, and Claudia White. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Nathalie will be using in this month's workshop:

Scrapbook Kit Workshop - Candace Perkins

Candace Perkins is known in the scrapbooking community as “Finding Everyday Perfection.” For her, scrapbooking is just that—looking for moments of everyday perfection, capturing them, and documenting them. She has been scrapbooking since she was in high school and, though her style has greatly changed, her passion for recording stories is as strong as ever. Candace lives in Phoenix, AZ with her four crazy sons and the love of her life. Although life can get stressful, there are always moments of wonderful perfection and that is what she wants to capture.

Favorite things about your kit:

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite embellishment of all time is chipboard. I love the dimension and the texture that it gives a project. I knew that when I was going to create my own kit, I would have to include this piece as one of my embellishments. I also love simple, clean ephemera with sentiments that can be versatile and used on many different projects. The tickets I included in the kit are just that: simple, clean, and versatile. I find that if I work with embellishments, papers, and stamps that really inspire me, my work comes together a bit easier and I love the final result.

What she'll be teaching:   

By creating my own kit, I was really inspired by all my favorite pieces in the kit and let them drive the ideas for the lessons. In the first lesson, we'll talk about going “BIG” on your scrapbook layout and different options for making a big statement and impact with your photos and sentiments. In lesson two, we'll discuss going “INTERACTIVE” with your layout. We'll explore different ways to bring the reader right into your spread and explore the memories with you. In the last lesson, we'll discuss using “SHAPES.” We'll talk about being inspired by the shapes in your kit contents and letting them inspire and drive the design of your spread. So fun!


I'm excited to share a few quick and easy go-to ideas, tips, and tricks that will keep you inspired, having fun while you're creating, and loving your final spreads. There really is inspiration everywhere, and by using papers and embellishments that fit your creative style and memories, you'll find that you're creating faster and having more fun!

Candace will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Anna KossakovskayaKelly Noel, and Mandie Pierce. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome cut file Candace will be using in this month's workshop:

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