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September's featured teachers

Documenter Kit Workshop - Kelly Noel 

Kelly Noel has been an art lover her entire life. Scrapbooking was a perfect fit for her, and she started recording her memories in 1997 while in college. She found the online scrapbooking community in late 2004 and was totally obsessed from that time on. Kelly lives in Florida with her husband Tom and their three boys (Jackson, Brady, & Sawyer), and when she's not at one of her boys' baseball games, she's working with Studio Calico's teachers as the Education Content Coordinator.

Favorite things about the month's kit:

I don't think I can pick a favorite! I helped with the inspiration for this kit and I just adore the entire thing. I love the bold, bright color palette and how it works with just about any set of photos. The chipboard is so much fun, but I also love how the stamp and washi stickers work together!

What she'll be teaching:   

In the first lesson, I'll be sharing ideas for incorporating larger events like birthdays into your album. In the second lesson, we'll move onto a more everyday spread that focuses on back-to-school photos. Finally, we'll incorporate some of the free digitals that come with the workshop and use them as embellishments.


Anyone can make a great pocket page by keeping a few basic principles in mind! Throughout the lessons, I'll cover a few of those principles like balance, repetition, and the rule of thirds. Using a kit that's already perfectly coordinated makes the job even easier. I can't wait to share these pages with you!

Kelly will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Elizabeth HeinzAzzari Jarrett, and Marie Lottermoser. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Kelly will be using in this month's workshop:

Traveler's Notebook Kit Workshop - Lisa Truesdell

As Studio Calico's Manager of Education, Lisa helps our teachers get their crafty wisdom out of their head and into the classroom—and occasionally teaches herself. Lisa lives the wholesome midwestern life in Omaha with her husband Matthew and their three sons (Alex, Ben, and Sam) in a midtown neighborhood filled with big trees and old houses. She’s an 11-year crafting industry veteran who loves making, sharing, and creating.

Favorite things about the month's kit:

Absolutely the COLOR! This is such a bright and fun kit. It has me fired up to record some of our summer adventures as the season winds down and my kids head back to school. I can’t wait to use the stamp set and the printed tags.

What she'll be teaching:   

We’ll be kicking off the class with a lesson sharing ideas for using memorabilia in your TN, and then lesson two will have us getting inky with the stamp set. To finish up the class, we’ll talk through some ideas for using the class printable to supplement your kit.


I love to approach each kit by thinking about what I can best use it for to document. Don’t be afraid to have more than one notebook going—some may be for day-to-day adventures, others may work as more of a mini album. I’ll be using this kit to document a summer vacation, but all of my ideas could fit any topic.

Lisa will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Amie LammTricia Romo, and Maggie Massey. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Lisa will be using in this month's workshop:

Scrapbook Kit Workshop - Ashley Horton

Ashley is a work-at-home mom and homeschool teacher to her three children: Madison, age 12, Emma, age 10, and Reese, age 9. She is married to Tyler and her family lives in the Southern US along the Gulf Coast. Ashley fell in love with scrapbooking in 2006 when her first daughter was born. She loved the idea of creating scrapbook layouts documenting her daughter’s photos rather than the traditional baby book. She became more involved in scrapbook communities and joined Studio Calico in 2012. Ashley spends a lot of her free time during the week working on multiple aspects of scrapbooking. Her other hobbies include cooking and reading.

Favorite things about your kit:

Since I put my own custom kit together, it was easy to grab some of my favorite pieces from past Studio Calico Kits. Word phrase stickers are always a favorite, so I pulled a sheet from the "Expedition" Kit. I also love using wood veneers to add texture to my projects, and I just happened to have a full pack of the "Confidant" painted veneer stars!

What she'll be teaching:   

In the first lesson, we’ll look at designing with one of my favorite shapes…circles! Circle photo, circle die-cuts, circle embellishments! You just can’t go wrong with circles. The next lesson focuses on stamping. Stamps are great for adding extra embellishments to your projects, and I’ll show you how I layer them to create some fun tags. In the last lesson, I’ll show you how to create a fun border strip design on your layout. And I’ll be working with the gorgeous class printable that comes with the workshop.


I hope this workshop will inspire you to find new ways to work with products that you can coordinate together from older kits. Don’t feel like you can’t work a certain product in with other pieces from a different kit. Putting together colors, embellishments, and designs you love is the key to making projects you love!

Ashley will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Kelly BarronMeghann Andrew, and Mandy Melville. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome cut file Ashley will be using in this month's workshop:

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