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Hello SC friends! Kelly here to share some fun photo prompts with you. Photo prompts are great for getting your creative eye going. I find that they help me think to capture something I might not have before. Here are this week's prompts:

1. Out and about. Take your camera along while you do something ordinary. I snapped this silly photo of my youngest at the yogurt shop outside of our neighborhood. 


2. Photo a detail. Grabbing a shot of the full situation is great, but detail shots are great for telling the "story" of the day too. 


3. Hand over the camera to someone else. My 8 year old took this photo and I love it!


4. Capture the sky in a photo.


5. Laughter. Tell a funny joke or be silly behind the camera to get your subject to crack up like my youngest is here. 


6. Friendship. These two boys have been friends since they were babies. Capture a special friendship with your camera. 


7. Art. Photograph art in some form or another. 


I hope that these prompts have inspired you to get out and snap some new photos. If you play along, be sure to post them in the SC gallery and link us up here!


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