Using the Let's Go Kits with Maggie Massey

Hey, hey, everyone! Maggie here! I'm back again with a look at another page I created using the Let's Go Kits.

Now, this page was a little harder for me. I'd already created a number of pages with these kits and my supplies were running kind of low. So I sat down and laid out everything I had left: some paper scraps, a few letters and chipboard stickers, and some enamel dots. I figured if I could try to put something together with what I had, I could add a photo (or even set out to capture a photo!) later. I started sorting through my leftover letters from my main kit and realized I really didn't have too much...BUT, if I used my "Z" as an "N," I could spell out the word "SUN." And lo and behold, I still had my "shine" die-cut! I'd just created my title! Now, I just had to find a photo to use. Shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, it is the middle of summer! 

I searched through my camera roll and realized I really didn't have anything I liked that fit with my title. But, we were planning on heading out to a local water park in the next few days, so I would get a shot there that would work. We spent the day at the park, and, about an hour before we were set to leave, I realized I hadn't taken any photos. WHAT?! I know! What kind of scrapbooker am I? So I grabbed my phone and headed to the pool where my son and his friend were swimming and grabbed the absolute worst pool shot anyone has ever taken. Ever. 

And the ones I took after that weren't so great either. The boys were done with me trying to get their photo, so I left them to their cannon balls and figured I'd make do with what I had. When I sat down to put my page together I realized that even though my photo wasn't first-rate—I mean, check out my huge shadow in the corner—it still was pretty cute...and it DID go with my title. So, I grabbed a sheet of white cardstock (my favorite) and some of my paper scraps and got to work. 

I love the result! Clean and simple with a lot of bright, bold color—and without too many items to work with! Sometimes a project comes together in reverse order...title first, (not great, but not awful) photo second. Hey, whatever works, right? 

Thanks so much for taking a look. Now I challenge you to pull out all of your kit leftovers and use them to create just one more page!

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  1. Janice15 (Gold Rewards Subscriber) Janice15 says…

    Great LO! When I scrapbook, I often put a page together and then find a photo to go on it.

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    1. maggie_massey (Studio Calico Creative Team Member) maggie_massey says…

      Thank you!!! It's a good system, right??? :*