Video | Using the Hey Girl Scrapbook Kit with Catherine Davis

Hello! Today I wanted to walk you through one of my "Hey Girl" projects. I started this one way and essentially ripped it up and started again. It happens! I just wasn't feeling my original direction. I left it overnight, but in the end, I went with the numbers and the black and white dotted paper for the win!

Watch the video below to see my process.

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Never be afraid to tear up a page. I hated not using the gorgeous vellum paper, but you gotta love your art!  
  • Pairing colored embellishments with all of your other design elements in black and white really makes them pop.  
  • Go for huge photos. I printed this one out at 12" high and what an impact!

Thanks so much for watching and reading. If you have any questions or a kind comment, let her rip below.

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