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Journaling is a great way to capture the details that make up your everyday life. Whether you're telling in-depth stories or simply captioning a photo, your words are important to preserving your memories for years to come. The following journaling prompts are perfect for pairing with this month's "Great Escape" Kit, or just tuck them into your back pocket for a time when your creative mojo is low. Either way, we hope they’ll help inspire your next project!

What makes your soul happy?

Marcy Penner used the "Do What Makes Your Soul Happy" page in her TN insert as a prompt for her journaling on her spread, Simple Life. Her journaling strips are the perfect complement to her sweet photo on the opposite page. 

On her spread, Love LanguageHaley Pettit journaled about two things that make her happy right now. Whether it's a royal wedding or crafting supplies, don't forget to journal about the little things that make your soul happy! 

Book, Movie, or Show Review

Recording your reviews of things you're currently reading or watching is a great way to journal about your everyday life. We love how Barbara Picinich used this month's stamp subscription set to do just that on her spread, Work, Play, Read, Repeat

Recap a weekend. 

Jen Carlson documented her fun weekend on her spread, West Coast Craft. The "Weekend Stories" page in this month's TN insert is the perfect journaling prompt for a story like this! 

On her spread, WeekendFrance Wisniewski used this month's stamp subscription set, Wordplay, to tell the story of her weekend. Whether you go off on a big adventure or just spend time with friends, be sure to document your weekend details. 

Chipboard Prompt

Jen Wong used the chipboard pieces from her kit to prompt several journaling topics on her spread, Week 24 | Right. With phrases such as "Favorite Photo," "My Heart is So Full," and "Ice Cream? Yes, Please!" she had plenty of ideas to jumpstart her journaling.  

Summer Vibes

Listing out our summer details can be a great way to capture the feeling of the season! Check out the ways a few of our Creative Team members recorded their summer fun with just a few short phrases or words! 

Summer Vibes by Barbara Picinich

Hello Sunshine by Kelly Noel

Summer Bucket List by Marie Lottermoser


Looking back on the past is a great way to journal about the present. On her spread, Hello SunshineSarah Zayas told the story of a sweet moment with her daughter by starting out with a memory of when she started sleeping through the night. 

Maggie Massey was able to tell a fun story on her spread, Four Eyes, when her daughter found her old pair of glasses. Comparison stories are a great addition to any album or notebook. 

There's so much you can say with the "Great Escape" Kits and July add-ons. Which journaling prompt do you plan on trying out this month? Post your creations in the gallery and add a link in the comments. We can't wait to see what you'll make!

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