Using the Northern Lights Kits with Stephanie Howell

I'm a unique kind of planner girl. I LOVE making pretty spreads, and putting them together fulfills a creative need for me...but I need my white space and I want my page to be functional. I like to have lots and lots of space for my writing (and even more space to add things as they come up). I use my SC Kits as highlights of a functional weekly spread!

On this spread, I used a combination of the Planner and Documenter Kits to lend a fun, warm feeling to my weekly spread. I'm a horizontal girl, so sometimes using box and header type stickers can be tricky. Here you'll see I used the strip/header type stickers as fun accents throughout the week. I also trimmed thin strips of the patterned paper and ran them through my Xyron X. I then adhered them to the top of each page to add some much-needed color to my white inserts. 

I grabbed two 4" x 6" pocket cards from the Documenter Kit and punched them to use as inserts. On the first one, I added a 3" x 4" card and made it into a "Must Do" weekly list with the help of the stamp from the Documenter Kit and one of the header stickers from the Planner Kit. I punched it so that it would be a horizontally oriented insert. 

I used a grid 4" x 6" card for my second insert, and I punched this one so that it would be a vertically oriented insert. I added a fun tab at the top (from the Documenter Kit). This will be my grocery list for the week. It's blank because it's "before the pen." I'll add the foods my family needs when we reach that week. 

I added a sticky note on each side to add a little "pop" to those particular reminders. I also scattered some circle stickers and added a few stamped phrases from the Planner Kit roller stamp. My favorite is the 15 days to Christmas! When I was finished with the spread I thought it still needed a little color, so I added matching veneer star accents to the kraft stickers on both sides. 

I am so happy with the way this turned out! It is pretty to look at and makes my heart happy, but it also has plenty of room for my busy family of seven. 

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