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February's featured teachers

Documenter Kit Workshop - Magdalena Hanéll

Magdalena works full time at what she says is the best job there is—teaching fourth grade. She loves teaching and has a passion for arts, English, and history. She lives and works in a small community just north of Uppsala, Sweden. She and her husband have two kids: a very tall 10-year-old boy named Dante and a fiery, redheaded 8-year-old girl named Nea. Nea shares Magdalena's passion for crafting. Since becoming a Studio Calico subscriber in 2011, Magdalena and Nea have always opened their kits together. Magdalena spends several hours a week working on her pocket pages and scrapbook layouts. When she's not at work or crafting, she loves to read. She's a huge horror fan, and that includes books, movies, and TV-shows. She enjoys spending time with friends finding new restaurants to eat at. But most of all, her and her family are homebodies and she owns way too many pajamas!

Favorite things about the month's kit:

I love all the blues and reds in this kit! I’m really a fan of using a primary color scheme on my pages. Matching the cards with my photos becomes an easy job. Since I make lots of pages for each month, and each album holds six months’ worth of documentation, I need my pocket pages to be flat. I was super happy to see all flat embellishments this month. My favorites are the word stickers and the chipboard shapes.

What she'll be teaching:   

In the first lesson, we’ll be making it easier to choose between the kit supplies by working with a limited color scheme. In the second lesson, we’ll be streamlining our processes by writing our journaling directly on the photos. In the last lesson, we’ll be telling stories based on photos we find online, such as a book we’ve read or a movie we’ve seen.


Doing a pocket page album can take up a large part of your crafty time. The first two lessons focus on ways to make your documenting more streamlined. Let’s be honest, sometimes we need a shortcut or two to stay caught up! In the third lesson, you’ll get some ideas for what to do when you work weekly or monthly and you have an empty slot to fill. Or, what to do when you have a story to tell but you’re missing a photo.

Magdalena will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Amy Jo Vanden BrinkKelly Noel, and Jen Chapin. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Magdalena will be using in this month's workshop:

Planner Kit Workshop - Maggie Massey

Maggie is a wife and stay-at-home mom of three living outside Chicago. She's been scrapbooking since high school when she would cut words and phrases from magazines and add them to photos in the lift-the-plastic-and-put-your-photos-on-the-sticky-page albums. In addition to memory keeping, she loves to dabble in DIY projects, photography, and baking—but her first love is documenting her family's day-to-day lives.

Favorite things about the month's kit:

The things I love best about the "Candyland" Planner Kit are the die-cut “pie pieces” and the heart stickers. The die-cuts are so unique and really stand out on any planner spread, and the phrases on the heart stickers are just awesome!

What she'll be teaching:   

I use my planners for all sorts of different things: keeping track of what needs to be done each day, sorting out chores and tasks for my kids, journaling and note-taking, keeping up with my creative ventures, goal-tracking, and documenting my family's daily memories. In this workshop, I'll be going over some ways to decorate your planner pages for three of these different types of spreads. In our first lesson, I'll be creating a twist on a traditional bullet journal spread. Just by using a few different shapes and an embellishment or two, you can make even your daily to-do list look fantastic! In lesson two, I'll walk you through a quick and easy notebook spread using a recent photo and some of your planner supplies along with the classroom printable. And, in our final lesson, I'll share some ideas on a goal-oriented spread that's adaptable for any objective you're trying to meet.


Here are a few things to remember as we go through each of the lessons: 

  • This year, I'm working in a Traveler's Notebook, but don't worry if that's not the type of planner you use! Each of my spreads can be recreated in any type of planner or journal or can be adapted to fit with your style of planning.
  • Planning doesn't have to be a chore! Use your planning time to flex some of those creative muscles! With just a few minutes (and the help of some beautiful products), you can create pages that not only keep you organized, but that also look great. I love looking back through my old planner pages to see how we've spent our weeks. Not only are they packed with my family's schedules and day-to-day happenings, they also exhibit my creative personality and style. They're really wonderful keepsakes of our lives right now.
  • Most importantly, your planner pages are yours. If something I do doesn't work for you, don't do it!

Maggie will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Leigh OdynksiRianne Alonte, and Marie Lottermoser. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome printable Maggie will be using in this month's workshop:

Scrapbook Kit Workshop - Kathleen Graumüller

Kathleen is a 20-something-year-old coffee addict, plant lover, and dog mom from Germany with a great affection for all things paper- and scrapbook-related. She loves to document the little everyday moments because she thinks that, in the end, these are the moments that add up to make life wonderful! She also likes to share her projects and teach what she knows via YouTube videos and online, as well as in-person workshops. Whenever she's not crafting, you can probably find her with a coffee in hand in one of her many favorite cafés in her favorite city on earth, Barcelona, or at least daydreaming of it. You can find more from Kathleen on her blog and Instagram.

Favorite things about the month's kit:

What first caught my eye when I opened the kit were those super cute leatherette conversation hearts; they are definitely my favorite piece in the kit (although in my projects for the kit workshop, I end up using only one.)! I’m also a big fan of the stamp set that is included in the main kit. It’s a nice mix of words and patterns (I love little dots and things like that in stamp sets). And I wish I had multiples of that pink patterned paper with the flowers!

What she'll be teaching:   

In the first lesson, we'll make a fun sunburst layout and learn how to make and include a shaped shaker pocket. I absolutely enjoy making shaker pockets; they always add such a fun touch to any project. In the next lesson, we'll feature the exclusively designed cut file as a fun, dimensional standout piece on the layout, and we'll also include some hidden journaling on our pages. In the last lesson, we'll use the add-on stamp set to make our own patterned paper that will be perfect to mix and match with the rest of the kit’s patterned papers.


I want to show you how you can mix things up by combining smaller pieces of patterned papers to get a variety of designs and colors onto your pages, and, depending on how you combine them, how you can create a different color scheme for each of your pages. Apart from that, I hope you'll also pick up some ideas for little details such as shaker pockets or hidden journaling.

Kathleen will be joined by three talented contributors this month: Pam BaldwinStefanie Ried, and Mandie Pierce. As always, each workshop comes with a free digital item. Check out this awesome cut file Kathleen will be using in this month's workshop:

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