Message Board Announcement

Over the past ten years, we’ve watched as social media has changed the way people communicate online. When we started Studio Calico in 2007, message boards were the virtual coffee shop of the internet—a place where people came together to discuss things they have in common. As Facebook and Instagram came onto the scene and flourished, many have turned away from message boards, favoring the smaller groups and more personal interactions they can have on those platforms.

Here at SC, we have seen the same thing. Our once active message boards have become quiet. Because of that, we have decided to close them so that we can put our resources towards connecting with you all in other ways. We are thankful for the community that has grown around Studio Calico and look forward to being able to share more on Instagram—both in our feed and in our Stories. Both the SC blog and our Creative Team and Member galleries will be a place to continue to get inspiration, and we’ll be reaching out to the LOAW challenge posters so that we can continue to maintain that on the blog. As always, there will still be forums and lesson comment sections in our classrooms so that you can interact with your teachers and fellow students. 

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  1. Troycheney says…

    So sad about the message boards being closed. ☹️

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