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Joelaw (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I pay for UPS choice so that I can manage my packages. I have not been able to ma...
by Joelaw on 09/24/17 08:53PM | Last reply by Joelaw on 09/24/17 08:53PM
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I got a hefty customs bill with my sale box today :-(
by Harry123 on 09/18/17 09:56AM | Last reply by glenys on 09/24/17 08:12PM
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Hello ladies! For our fourth and last challenge of the month, I want you to be ins...
by CristinaC on 09/22/17 07:38AM | Last reply by jenjeb on 09/24/17 01:50PM
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Hello ladies, for this week's challenge I want you to be inspired by this color pa...
by CristinaC on 09/08/17 07:47AM | Last reply by Shannon_Yates on 09/24/17 11:06AM
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EmmaLugg (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I'm keen (as an Aussie who won't see hers for ages) to know what everyone got as t...
by EmmaLugg on 09/20/17 07:34AM | Last reply by lirathea on 09/24/17 08:01AM
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Hsmith_76 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I cancelled my scrapbook and documenter subscriptions. I also cancelled my Ali Ed...
by Hsmith_76 on 09/15/17 08:30PM | Last reply by corinne on 09/23/17 09:58PM
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@studiocalico @gluestickgirl What size albums are in the mystery boxes??
by Harry123 on 09/20/17 11:27AM | Last reply by Mich5481 on 09/23/17 07:19PM
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Joelaw (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Are there 15 different kits or multiples of the same kits? (My last "convo" took a...
by Joelaw on 09/21/17 06:32AM | Last reply by Mich5481 on 09/23/17 07:16PM
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EmmaLugg (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
So I worked out that in the sale the 2015 kits (that people seem to be getting in ...
by EmmaLugg on 09/22/17 02:23AM | Last reply by Pippin on 09/23/17 11:34AM
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kimberlyatlga (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I was just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these and how well do you like...
by kimberlyatlga on 09/19/17 11:27AM | Last reply by kimberlyatlga on 09/22/17 09:26AM
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Hi ladies! For this week, the challenge is to use a stamp 2 ways. Here's an exa...
by CristinaC on 09/15/17 07:54AM | Last reply by Shannon_Yates on 09/22/17 08:47AM
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Joelaw (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
did free shipping go away? I "started a conversation" but have not heard back. I...
by Joelaw on 09/20/17 03:00PM | Last reply by kimberlyatlga on 09/21/17 12:36PM
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MandieLou (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hi, all! Going to go ahead and start my sneak thread! I am LOVING the October colo...
by MandieLou on 09/18/17 01:45PM | Last reply by MandieLou on 09/20/17 06:32PM
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shardison (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy Monday, everyone!! I have the pleasure of hearing from most of you throug...
by shardison on 09/11/17 01:11PM | Last reply by iScrap on 09/19/17 11:31AM
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Guidelines for LOAW participants (at the request of several forum members): The LO...
by NancyM on 05/15/14 02:07PM | Last reply by Shannon_Yates on 09/19/17 10:21AM
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KarineC (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
When I download a cut file, it doesn't have the cut lines when I open it in Silhou...
by KarineC on 09/17/17 08:20PM | Last reply by KarineC on 09/18/17 09:08PM
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Janice15 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Anyone checked out the pop sugar reading challenge yet for 2017? Looks more doable...
by Janice15 on 12/27/16 04:08PM | Last reply by penny on 09/18/17 07:29AM
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jbyrd (Studio Calico Staff Member)
As always, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who participated in our LOAW for...
by jbyrd on 09/15/17 12:49PM | Last reply by honeykd on 09/17/17 12:07AM
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MandieLou (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Whose kids have gone back? Who is still waiting for school to start? Bonus point...
by MandieLou on 08/18/17 12:12PM | Last reply by MandieLou on 09/15/17 12:42PM
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TerrieAllison (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I'm in south florida on the east coast and my UPS delivery was postponed due to t...
by TerrieAllison on 09/13/17 07:24PM | Last reply by CeliseMcL on 09/15/17 07:31AM
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