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sideoats (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hey all! I've been looking at my meals lately and would love to hear ideas for ...
by sideoats on 07/19/17 09:33PM | Last reply by sideoats on 07/20/17 02:36PM
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sideoats (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
You guys!!! Here's my first peek! It's of some patterned paper that's coming in th...
by sideoats on 07/19/17 09:27PM | Last reply by Elses on 07/20/17 01:25PM
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nicole0791 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Has anyone received their kits for this month? I usually have my kit by now but no...
by nicole0791 on 07/15/17 03:35PM | Last reply by Janice15 on 07/19/17 06:11PM
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I pre-ordered a mega date stamp in march , and still have not received it . Does i...
by dbrhjie on 07/19/17 04:09PM | Last reply by jbyrd on 07/19/17 04:25PM
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TerrieAllison (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Thank you so much Studio Calico for the beautiful "things that make me happy" pouc...
by TerrieAllison on 07/12/17 08:11PM | Last reply by instinctual on 07/18/17 03:37PM
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Thank you so much for the party favors I received today with my order. I love eve...
by msmeinke on 07/15/17 05:49PM | Last reply by pinksoup on 07/17/17 09:08PM
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I got the first of the two I ordered (since all my orders shipped separately this ...
by Characterfan on 07/10/17 08:46PM | Last reply by scrpbk1 on 07/17/17 07:04PM
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CeliseMcL (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Nature. In the northern hemisphere we are deep in the throws of summer with flowe...
by CeliseMcL on 07/11/17 02:43PM | Last reply by CeliseMcL on 07/17/17 08:18AM
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CeliseMcL (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Digital! I have been working with digital stamp brushes a lot lately. Sometimes...
by CeliseMcL on 07/05/17 10:13AM | Last reply by penny on 07/16/17 02:03PM
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Rockermorsan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
It's time for a new album for the second part of 2017. I could use a little inspir...
by Rockermorsan on 07/14/17 02:38PM | Last reply by Ojyma on 07/15/17 03:19PM
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mandy1632 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Part of me wants to ruin this photo by making it meme-ish... But I know it's wrong...
by mandy1632 on 07/15/17 11:33AM | Last reply by mandy1632 on 07/15/17 01:30PM
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CeliseMcL (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
July is a month for celebrating our nation, our home and our heritage. For th...
by CeliseMcL on 07/02/17 10:49AM | Last reply by CeliseMcL on 07/15/17 07:57AM
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juliee (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I think I am just spoiled, but I have gotten used to my box of goodies packing and...
by juliee on 07/06/17 06:33PM | Last reply by lasteve1 on 07/14/17 11:49AM
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jbyrd (Studio Calico Staff Member)
A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the June LOAW! We loved seeing all of y...
by jbyrd on 07/08/17 11:00AM | Last reply by mbackues on 07/13/17 02:16PM
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JustMel (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I just notice that the tracking for the kits link back to FedEx tracking and not U...
by JustMel on 07/06/17 10:03PM | Last reply by meldarcy on 07/13/17 04:44AM
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Hi, Did anyone notice that there is this new category called Stampapalooza and ...
by ahcapp on 07/01/17 09:18PM | Last reply by gluestickgirl on 07/12/17 11:15AM
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Neela (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I am up with a few projects made with the Elle's Studio July kits. Love the summer...
by Neela on 07/11/17 01:45AM | Last reply by Neela on 07/11/17 01:45AM
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heavencole (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi Guys! Anyone have a X100F? Any feedback? I've been reading a lot of reviews ...
by heavencole on 07/10/17 03:08AM | Last reply by heavencole on 07/10/17 03:08AM
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WhamBamPam (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
Can we get a new message board called Technology for all questions & comments ...
by WhamBamPam on 07/08/17 03:50PM | Last reply by mandy1632 on 07/08/17 05:53PM
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christieamber (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
So, I just switched over to the SC planner and I am loving it. I love how the pla...
by christieamber on 07/07/17 01:49PM | Last reply by nstar358 on 07/08/17 09:52AM
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KarineC (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Like I dope, I didn't pick this up and now I want it. If you have one you don't w...
by KarineC on 07/04/17 11:00AM | Last reply by KarineC on 07/07/17 02:53PM
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TerryB (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Since June is only a couple days away ( is that?) I thought I'd thr...
by TerryB on 05/30/17 02:35PM | Last reply by TerryB on 07/06/17 05:01PM
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