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WhamBamPam (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
Do you, have you or will you remove your everyday or frequent planner stamps from ...
by WhamBamPam on 01/07/17 01:30PM | Last reply by WhamBamPam on 01/10/17 12:01PM
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Binxcat1 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Just saw this and thought I'd share... is BuJo mainstream now? http://coach.nine....
by Binxcat1 on 09/10/16 03:41AM | Last reply by BethMB on 12/17/16 11:18AM
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I noticed the HF planners are on sale at the moment. Has it been confirmed anywher...
by peachiceteas on 07/21/16 07:01AM | Last reply by kathleen on 10/18/16 01:51PM
1875 views 60 comments
I need advice from those who use the Hello Forever Planner (and the pages) and wha...
by cfodel on 09/16/16 09:36AM | Last reply by Divinemsq on 09/16/16 10:19AM
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laila2207 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I just got the new Classic Planner by Marcy Penner and I really love it but what I...
by laila2207 on 08/31/16 11:47AM | Last reply by Cade387 on 09/07/16 11:46AM
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Cade387 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Why are there September stickers in the September planner kit? The month will be o...
by Cade387 on 09/01/16 12:38PM | Last reply by Leanne1965 on 09/01/16 08:46PM
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