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I figured it would be a good idea to have a list of things to which I could refer ...
by Theresamarie on 12/31/11 03:40PM | Last reply by cloudyya on 12/29/15 01:41PM
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Last year JamieBohBamie started a Project Life swap. I am doing a thorough cleanin...
by teabiscuit on 01/18/16 05:47PM | Last reply by kateymeyer on 06/21/17 06:41PM
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LAH924 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I don't blog regularly on my lifestyle/crafty blog but I did want to share how I s...
by LAH924 on 05/15/17 07:22AM | Last reply by LAH924 on 05/15/17 07:22AM
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babyxoe (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Have too many project life cards sitting around that you won't use? Want to infus...
by babyxoe on 03/28/17 04:21AM | Last reply by babyxoe on 03/28/17 04:21AM
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Hi there my lovely ladies. I am back on the PL band wagon for 2017 and having j...
by Adow on 01/10/17 02:09AM | Last reply by boymom on 03/13/17 12:22PM
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Yellow601 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
So started thinking about what size to do for project life next year. This year I ...
by Yellow601 on 12/12/16 12:42AM | Last reply by pamllaguno on 02/06/17 04:36PM
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